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Trail Etiquette:

Please stay on the trails.

At the moment, whatever trail markers there were have long gone, but common-sense can be allowed to prevail here. Most of the trails are OBVIOUSLY trails; if one looks marginal or ill-defined, it might just be a deer-track, and not a proper trail. There are adequate existing trails throughout the park without developing new ones.

Please, do NOT make new trails, or widen existing ones. They contribute to deterioration of the park's eco-structure, through forest fragmentation and possibly erosion.

Similarly, please do not obstruct trails with barricades, logs, etc. They can disturb natural drainage and lead to erosion.

Please avoid puddles in tracks or small ponds and pondlets elsewhere. They are breeding grounds for salamander. In avoiding them, please don't inadvertently make the trail any wider than it needs to be.

Please don't pick flowers.

Litter: There are adequate trash-cans at the main entrance to the park at Pinch Road and up at the tower. Please deposit litter there or take it away with you. If you see litter lying around, please pick it up and deposit it in the trash-cans.

Unless very newly fallen, please do not move branches or tree-trunks. After a short while they become habitat and food for much park wildlife.

Please do not remove or damage lichen or moss on boulders and rock formations.