Some web links relevant to Governor Dick. By no means exhaustive, but some are exhausting . . .

  • A MapQuest image centered on Governor Dick. The word 'Gretna' is in the center of the park; The Radar Road entrance is visible off Rte. 117, the Fire Road entrance off Pinch Road. The proposed development is approximately where the 'Rd.' of Pinch Rd. is.

  • Articles by Tom Knapp, an excellent local writer:

  • Mount Gretna: an excellent potted history (Oh, and visit the Jigger Shop when you're in town!) and everything you need to know about present-day Gretna.
  • Various 'official' i.e. state, county etc. sites. Riveting stuff . . .
  • Lebanon County Conservancy

  • Letterboxing, or 'Geocaching': A bizarre if fun hobby for some is the secreting of a 'letterbox' (often just a Tupperware container) out in the wild someplace, giving either only cryptic clues or GPS coordinates to find it. The idea is to leave messages, trade items etc. just to show one has found it. Governor Dick has and has had its share of them. Here are a couple:
  • A little something about the narrow-gauge railway.

  • Rails To Trails - a present day use for Robert Coleman's railway. Now very much a part of Mount Gretna's recreational landscape.

  • Awesome climbing, dude!

  • Mountain Bikers

  • Slavery in Lebanon County! Ooh, politically incorrect to the last. Mention of Dick himself

  • Fame at last - as a 'Quirky Landmark'

  • Ken Fillo's great site about things to do in Lancaster County that don't involve outlet malls:

  • A close, and close parallel, park to Governor Dick:

  • Cornwall Furnace, a real local treasure, and historically intertwined with Governor Dick:

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